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Company Overview

meet CEO/Founder

Patrick Szydlik

Patrick Szydlik is a lifelong entrepreneur that has specialized in Real Estate Marketing for the past 5 years. Patrick Recently Sold his Media company Film 360 where as CEO he has helped market and sell over 2 billion dollars of real estate in the last 5 years. Patrick (better known online as @real_estate_pat) is a marketing and Real Estate Leader that has a passion for helping others reach their potential as well as their real estate goals. Patrick Specializes in Real Estate: Branding, Media, Websites, Software, System Development, Advertising, Recruiting, Coaching, and Foundational Structure to close an Agents “Ecosystem”

Real Estate Social Pros

Our Team

Unique to Real Estate Social Pros is our rotating objective social strategy. With specific cycles you will grow & generate business through social.

Marketing and Advertising

Hailie Lane

Hailie Graduated from The University of Utah with a degree in Strategic communications with an emphasis in digital media and advertising. For the last four years Hailie has been in the digital marketing world helping brands optimize their ads, content, social strategies, funnels, as well as getting paid as an influencer due to her following. Hailie’s background is in paid media, web design, creative design and social media marketing. Hailie’s passion for social media stems from the ability to tell someone’s story and inspire them to be their authentic selves online.

Head of Media

Chris. A

Chirs has 16 years of experience in Photo, Video, and Graphic design working for a variety of companies and industries. From local tourism, newspapers, digital publications, manufacturing, and government agencies. Chris has an extensive background in BPO Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media, and Real Estate. His extensive knowledge in media design brought him to another level when he started working for one of the largest real estate companies in the United States creating content for all social media platforms. Chris has taken on the position as head of marketing for real estate social pros where he oversees all aspects of media for RESP Clients.